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  • Funding award from the RVW Trust!

    I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a coveted RVW Trust award to commission composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad to write a brand new solo work for tenor saxophone!

    Cheryl is a brilliant composer. Her musical voice is one I love which is firmly rooted in what many would call 'contemporary' classical music interweaved with a camouflaged accessibility that draws you in more and more. Her recent debut album 'The Glory Tree' has been getting rave reviews everywhere and is a personal favourite of mine.

    The new piece 'Sarcanthus' will be inspired by Amy Johnson's pioneering and record breaking flight to Australia in 1930. The title refers to a perfume that was named after Amy: one of many tributes to her success!

    I will be premiering the new work in July at the World Saxophone Congress XVI which is held every three years in a different country and focuses mainly on the performance of classical saxophone music. This time it's Scotlands turn which will have us heading to the golfing mecca of St Andrews.

    The RVW Trust is one of the most significant sources in the UK of funding for contemporary and recent British music. The trust was established by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1956 and it continues to fulfill the purposes he intended.

    I am very grateful to the amazing people at the RVW Trust who have shown a great amount of trust in myself in funding the new piece. Applying and gaining arts funding is a rather unpredictable business and I am so glad to take my first positive tentative steps into the whole process. I applied to a couple of different funding organisations and was amazed to find who was interested and who wasn't!

    I hope that this new support is a sign of things to come as I will be applying in the near future for more funding to help kick-start other projects that have been simmering away.