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  • Chu On This!

    It is with much excitement that I can announce that I make my first cd appearence with colossus Paul Dunmall on his latest FMR Records release!

    The album is called Intervention and is based on Paul's 60 Studies For Saxophone. The book is made up of a number of exercises or extended tone rows to be used as a general technique work out and as an introduction & training to a modern harmonic sound-world. The book is highly recommend by Ken Vandermark!

    "This recording is the coming togehter of classical saxophonist Neil McGovern and myself from the Jazz/improvised world. The music was based around the book I wrote '60 studies for saxophone'.

    Basically Neil chose several of the studies beforehand and played them very openly. He had suggestions about each piece and how he would go about playing it, fast, slow etc plus he uses some improvisation. I improvised, sometimes referring to the written part of the study. For me it's fascinating to hear the two different approaches coming tohether and working fantastically well!

    There are no barriers in music. The last track was an improvised duo at my house recorded with classical saxophonist Matt London."

    - Paul Dunmall

    Here is a sample of "Chu On This" from Intervention | Based on 60 Studies For Saxophone [FMR CD 334-0412]

    To find out more click here for a blog post on it all! 

    Big Noises!