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  • FaN performed by Jetpack Bellerive!

    I had a little piece played by the brilliant Jetpack Bellerive on Wednesday as part of their whacky and invigorating "bored to death" programme!

    You can find a recording of FaN | Fanfare about Nothing for Violin, Horn & Cassettte player on my soundcloud and composer page! Enjoy

  • Sonic Spaces at the Centre for Contemporary Music Practice

    My first piece to encorparate live electronics will be workshopped and then performed by the amazing bass clarinettist Marij van Gorkom [Sonic Spaces] at Brunel University London!

    " This piece looks at sound as if it where light passing through glass constantly shifting and shimmering. Sometimes corse and sharp imagine a visceral energy like an electrical undercurrent passing through unseen before it breaks and shatters. "


    Time: 14:00
    Place: Room GASK 033, Gaskell Building, Brunel University
    Free event - all welcome

  • New work for Ensemble Synecy

    I am rather excited to be writing for this great bunch of musicians from Rotterdam! I'll be one of the four composers writing an extended movement of their 'New World Suite' (running title) project.

    More soon!

  • Planet Hugill reviews SPEAK NOW

    More positive reviews of my debut classical tenor saxophone album SPEAK NOW

    Here is a great in-depth write up from Planet Hugill - World of classical music (one of Saga Magazines 50 Best Bloggers over 50)

    Available here: Planet Hugill - Bringing the tenor saxophone out of the shadows 

    "London shows that the modern classical tenor saxophone is indeed a finely virtuoso, flexible and dynamic instrument."

    I am very happy to have made it on to this very informative and active site!

  • RANTS Speaker @ Southbank Centre 5 & 6 July!

    Southbank Centre | The Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall

    Sat & Sun 7pm

    I will be 'ranting' at the Southbank Centre on Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 July as one of the Institute of Composing RANTS speakers! Part of New Music Biennial Festival - A weekend of free concerts, workshops and new music. 

    Short snappy soundings off from Institute of Composing speakers.

    Speakers stir up vigorous debate about all things new music, from writing to playing to listening, across practice and genre.


  • 20 July 2014 | Aldeburgh English Song Project 2014 Showcase

    Aldeburgh English Song Project 2014 Showcase 
    club inégales | Euston, London
    Sunday 20 July 8pm

    Showcase of music composed by Britten–Pears Young Artists performed by Britten–Pears Young Artists!

    Aphra for Mezzo-soprano and Piano

    Olivia Warburton  Mezzo-soprano
    Johan Barnoin  Piano

    Matt London  Composer
    Chrissy Williams  Poet

  • 19 July 2014 | Wolf Lieder: Final Recital at Aldeburgh

    Wolf Lieder: Final Recital
    Aldeburgh Music | Snape, Suffolk
    Saturday 19 July 3pm

    Singers and pianists from the Britten–Pears Young Artist Programme give a recital following a week of masterclasses with Wolfgang Holzmair and Imogen Cooper.

    Including interpretations of new songs produced in March by composers on the Aldeburgh English Song Project course.

    Aphra for Mezzo-soprano and Piano

    Olivia Warburton  Mezzo-soprano
    Johan Barnoin  Piano

    Matt London  Composer
    Chrissy Williams  Poet