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  • CTRI Consortium Opportunity!

    Dr. Jeffrey Vickers announces an open invitation to saxophonists worldwide to participate in a new consortium commission of composer David Kechley. Dr. Vickers has founded the Contemporary Tenor Repertoire Initiative, or CTRI, for the purpose of helping develop a new repertoire specifically for tenor saxophone. This commissioning project has already developed new works by Gotkovsky, Lemay, Gabriele, Michans, and Lennon, among others.

    For more info visit the blog entry > CTRI Consortium Opportunity!

  • Chu On This!

    It is with much excitement that I can announce that I make my first cd appearence with colossus Paul Dunmall on his latest FMR Records release!

    The album is called Intervention and is based on Paul's 60 Studies For Saxophone. The book is made up of a number of exercises or extended tone rows to be used as a general technique work out and as an introduction & training to a modern harmonic sound-world. The book is highly recommend by Ken Vandermark!

    "This recording is the coming togehter of classical saxophonist Neil McGovern and myself from the Jazz/improvised world. The music was based around the book I wrote '60 studies for saxophone'.

    Basically Neil chose several of the studies beforehand and played them very openly. He had suggestions about each piece and how he would go about playing it, fast, slow etc plus he uses some improvisation. I improvised, sometimes referring to the written part of the study. For me it's fascinating to hear the two different approaches coming tohether and working fantastically well!

    There are no barriers in music. The last track was an improvised duo at my house recorded with classical saxophonist Matt London."

    - Paul Dunmall

    Here is a sample of "Chu On This" from Intervention | Based on 60 Studies For Saxophone [FMR CD 334-0412]

    To find out more click here for a blog post on it all! 

    Big Noises!

  • PRESS RELEASE: The Tenor Saxophone Index is launched!

    For immediate release July 2012

    The Tenor Saxophone Index, a brand new website for tenor saxophonists, was launched at the World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews in July 2012 to a specialist international audience of saxophonists, teachers, students and other musicians. The new online repertoire and resource database enables performers, teachers and students to access accurate information about works that have been composed specifically for tenor saxophone.
    The Index is the brainchild of tenor saxophonist and composer Andy Scott, the latest in a string of initiatives to raise the profile of the tenor saxophone as a contemporary classical instrument. It is designed to meet the needs of tenor saxophonists all over the world who currently struggle to find new contemporary classical repertoire. Andy Scott received a Teaching Award from the Royal Northern College of Music to develop the online resource in collaboration with fellow tenor saxophonists Matt London and Jenni Watson.

    The database includes programme notes, performance notes, score extracts and details of instrumentation, year of composition, duration, level of difficulty and publisher for each piece. As well as this comprehensive information about repertoire, the website includes a resource centre with interviews, articles and academic papers relating to the tenor saxophone. Its Patrons are the high profile saxophonists James Houlik, who has dedicated his life to the contemporary classical tenor saxophone, and the world leading classical and jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis.

    The Tenor Saxophone Index is online at

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  • Success at the World Saxophone Congress XVI

    Just a quick update... I am now back from St. Andrews and the World Saxophone Congress! I had an absolute blast with so many great people. 

    Full of great musicians, delegates and audience goers this congress will be remembered for its overall high quality musical performance throughout! 

    From a personal perspective the congress for me was very enjoyable and productive. I performed a programme of new tenor music, which was well received by everyone!

    Later during the congress I also launched the Tenor Saxophone Index, an online repertoire resource for saxophonists, teachers and students developed in collaboration with Jenni Watson under the leadership of Andy Scott with support from the RNCM. We've had so much positive feedback on the project already which is great and bodes well as the TSi continues to develop!

    I will be posting via my blog a couple indepth posts on the WSC, my performance and the TSi so keep an eye out for them.

    Big Noises!


  • Funding award from the RVW Trust!

    I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a coveted RVW Trust award to commission composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad to write a brand new solo work for tenor saxophone!

    Cheryl is a brilliant composer. Her musical voice is one I love which is firmly rooted in what many would call 'contemporary' classical music interweaved with a camouflaged accessibility that draws you in more and more. Her recent debut album 'The Glory Tree' has been getting rave reviews everywhere and is a personal favourite of mine.

    The new piece 'Sarcanthus' will be inspired by Amy Johnson's pioneering and record breaking flight to Australia in 1930. The title refers to a perfume that was named after Amy: one of many tributes to her success!

    I will be premiering the new work in July at the World Saxophone Congress XVI which is held every three years in a different country and focuses mainly on the performance of classical saxophone music. This time it's Scotlands turn which will have us heading to the golfing mecca of St Andrews.

    The RVW Trust is one of the most significant sources in the UK of funding for contemporary and recent British music. The trust was established by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1956 and it continues to fulfill the purposes he intended.

    I am very grateful to the amazing people at the RVW Trust who have shown a great amount of trust in myself in funding the new piece. Applying and gaining arts funding is a rather unpredictable business and I am so glad to take my first positive tentative steps into the whole process. I applied to a couple of different funding organisations and was amazed to find who was interested and who wasn't!

    I hope that this new support is a sign of things to come as I will be applying in the near future for more funding to help kick-start other projects that have been simmering away.

  • Tenor Saxophone Index | Forthcoming Launch!

    With just over two months to go until this year's World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews, preparation is in full swing for the official launch of the Tenor Saxophone Index, an online resource where performers, teachers and students alike may access information about hundreds of pieces that have been composed for Tenor Saxophone. 

    Andy Scott, (Saxophonist, Composer and RNCM Tutor) received a coveted RNCM Teaching Award in 2011, enabling his vision of this online resource to be realised, hopefully becoming a valuable resource for Tenor Saxophonists the world over who currently struggle to find original new 'contemporary classical' repertoire.

    Fellow saxophonists and RNCM graduates Matt London and Jennifer Watson are currently working with Andy on research and development of the website, and Matt has put a fantastic blog together as well as working tirelessly with Andy to make the concept a reality, while Jennifer focuses on research for the database.

    Finally, we are delighted to welcome two iconic figures in the saxophone and music world as Patrons; James Houlik and Branford Marsalis. It is fantastic to have two such figureheads on board.

    Look out for further press releases in music magazines, and we hope to see some of you at the launch, at the WSC XVI in July!

    The Tenor Saxophone Index Team

  • My wee blog goes global!

    So the small blog that I have been writing has now since the end of January has had over 2000 views from around the globe! It seems saxophonists from across most of Europe to Russia, Australia, Taiwan the States, Canada, Argentina just to name a few countries seem to read it! It's rather humbling to think that people take an interest in the often nonsense I write. 

    So a big big thanks to you all.

    Big Noises!


    Tenor Madness | All things Tenor Saxophone and more...

  • World Saxophone Congress 2012

    Matt London & Dave Howard will be performing at the World Saxophone Congress in July 2012! More details to follow soon.

  • New Blog

    Matt is now writing a blog Tenor Madness about The Tenor Saxophone and his own projects. Click here or hit  to read it!