Tenor Saxophone Index

The Tenor Saxophone Index, a brand new website for tenor saxophonists, was launched at the World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews in July 2012 to a specialist international audience of saxophonists, teachers, students and other musicians. The new online repertoire and resource database enables performers, teachers and students to access accurate information about works that have been composed specifically for tenor saxophone filling the current gap in information about works for the instrument.

The Index was the brainchild of tenor saxophonist and composer Andy Scott, the latest in a string of initiatives to raise the profile of the tenor saxophone as a contemporary classical instrument. The TSi is designed to meet the needs of tenor saxophonists all over the world who currently struggle to find new contemporary classical repertoire. Andy Scott received a Teaching Award from the Royal Northern College of Music to develop the online resource in collaboration with myself and fellow tenor saxophonist Jenni Watson.

The database includes programme notes, performance notes, score extracts and details ofinstrumentation, year of composition, duration, level of difficulty and publisher for each piece. As well as this comprehensive information about repertoire, the website includes a resource centre with interviews, articles and academic papers relating to the tenor saxophone. Our Patrons are the high profile saxophonists James Houlik, who has dedicated his life to the contemporary classical tenor saxophone, and the world leading classical and jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis.

I have personally have overseen the whole project as lead developer and hope that you enjoy this new resource as it continues to develop into an invaluable tool for students, teachers, performers and musicians.

The Tenor Saxophone Index is now live and online at:

www.tenorsaxindex.info The online repertoire database for original tenor saxophone music.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tenorsaxindex