Tenor Saxophone

I have found a particular connection with the tenor saxophone and focus much of my time on the development of cutting edge concert repertoire for the instrument, which has until now been lacking compared to that of the of alto and soprano. I hope to show the instruments amazing range of sound, depth of tone and flexibility across genres.

I have now performed at the last three World Saxophone Congesses; Bangkok, Thailand (2009), St. Andrews, Scotland (2012) and Strasbourg, France (2015) presenting new works for the instrument.

In 2009 I received a scholarship to perform at the 15th World Saxophone Congress in Bangkok representing the UK and RNCM in the promotion of cutting edge British repertoire for the tenor saxophone and piano, which was highly commended by Jean-Marie Londeix. I performed three works, one of which was a world premiere specifically written for the occasion by Graham Coatman Kaito (2009). The other two pieces by Richard Rodney Bennett and Adam Caird were Asian premieres respectively.

In the run up to WSCXVI (2012) I was awarded a coveted RVW Trust award to commission brilliant young award winning composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad to write a brand new solo work. The RVW Trust is one of the most significant sources in the UK of funding for contemporary and recent British music. The trust was established by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1956 and it continues to fulfill the purposes he intended.

The resulting solo work Sarcanthus (2012) was premiered alongside two other new works for tenor saxophone and piano written by myself The Pervasive Force (2012) and Song For My Mother (2012) by Geoff Eales performed by myself and pianist David Howard.

My 2015 Strasbourg rectial was perhpas my most ambitious to date premiering two works by high profile UK composers; Aulos (2015) by Peter Wiegold and Generic Composition #7 by Christopher Fox plus yet another new work by me. All three follow in the practice where ownership and interpretation of the work is transfered from the composer to the performer. A concept I truely belive in and champion!

It is my aim to make a significant contribution to increase the repertoire available to fellow tenor saxophonists by encouraging both established and new composers to write for the instrument, recording commissions and giving performances, as well as occasionally adding to the repertoire as a composer.

November 2013 saw the release of my critically acclaimed debut classical tenor saxophone album SPEAK NOW a collection of original works for the instrument by many of the UKs leading composers!

Instrument and set up: C.G. Conn New Wonder Transitional 1933 customised by Steve Crow. View article

Brilhart Ebolin 4* MP | Rico H Ligature | Rico Jazz Select Filed 3H Reeds| Picture by Daryl Feehely