Aya (2019)
flute ensemble ft. bass flute // abstract language score // The Silver Pencils ft. Laura Cijoffi
[additional text card available upon request]

elemental utterances (2019)
abstract language score // Ensemble Entropy w/ Loré Lixenberg & Mark Sanders // shortlisted for a 2020 Ivors Composers Award

Rituals (2018)
extended abstract language score for 10 improvisers presented on two hand drawn panels // Orchestra Entropy // shortlisted for a 2018 British Composers Award // out now on Discus Music // score [sub-pieces AUR]

Herbig-Haro (2018)
hybrid language score for violin and double bass // Rebecca Raimondi (violin) & Seth Bennett (double bass) // score

The Illuminated Man (2017)
hybrid score // Ensemble Entropy w/ Matthew Bourne

Serenade (2016)
text score for voice// Live electronics by Ardeshir Mostajeran

The Shaman (2017)
12 tenor saxophones // hybrid notation score // Tenor Saxophone Collective